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Industry Facts & Figures

Questions: 1. How to enter in a firework industry?2. what part of the industry should get involved in?3. Selling what, to whom? Answers: 1. How to enter in a firework industry? For entering in a Chinese firework industry Mr . Jerry Yu has to analysis the SWOT of the industry are as follows: Strengths Experience and education Background of Chinese. Weakness If there is lack of knowledge and experience in firework industry . Should maintain organizational culture. Opportunities Increasing demand of fireworks New technologies[1] Threats Level of competition High chance of coming new substitutes So, at first he has to analysis all the part of SWOT. 2. what part of the industry should get involved in? Mr. Jerry Yu should involve in supplying raw material of fireworks. He also can approach new designs and he can get a new and huge market. For this he should have to develop a good distribution channels[2]. 3. Selling what, to whom? Initially he purchase the raw material from the wholesale market of China. Then he should import to the other countries because the demand of fireworks is very high in other countries like U.S.A or U.K[3]. 4. why would this be a good strategy for Jerry? This is a good strategy for Jerry because: There is less competition level in the market. No required of well trained and skill labor in the industry. No need of advance technologies and less investment[4]. References Admin, MemberClicks. 'Industry Facts Figures'.Americanpyro.com. N.p., 2015. Web. 13 Feb. 2015. MacLean, Donald, and Robert MacIntosh. 'Strategic Change As Creative Action'.International Journal of Strategic Change Management4.1 (2012): 80. Web. Olivas-Lujan, Miguel R, and Tanya Bondarouk.Social Media In Strategic Management. Bingley, UK: Emerald, 2013. Print. Rothaermel, Frank T.Strategic Management. New York: McGraw-Hill Irwin, 2013. Print. [1] Olivas-Lujan, Miguel R, and Tanya Bondarouk.Social Media In Strategic Management. Bingley, UK: Emerald, 2013. Print. [2] Admin, MemberClicks. 'Industry Facts Figures'.Americanpyro.com. N.p., 2015. Web. 13 Feb. 2015. [3] MacLean, Donald, and Robert MacIntosh. 'Strategic Change As Creative Action'.International Journal of Strategic Change Management4.1 (2012): 80. Web. [4] Rothaermel, Frank T.Strategic Management. New York: McGraw-Hill Irwin, 2013. Print.

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There Are Three Ways That Remo And Juilet Are The Same And Three Ways

There are three ways that remo and juilet are the same and three ways there are differnt.One way is the groups that they are divied into.Another way there are the same is both of the main charters fall in love.The third way they are the same is the fighting.The three was they are differnt are maria didnt die Juilet did, borth place,and the setting. The first way there are the same is they both had groups that they where in.The two groups that they were fighting in,remo and Juilet where the montagooes and the caplets.In westside story the two groups that where fighting were the sharks and the jets.The mantagooes and the caplets where fighting because the famlies didnt like each other.The sharks and the jets where fighting because the jets wanted the sharks off there turf. The second way there are the same both of the main harters fall in love.In Remo and Juilet are the main charters and they fall in love.In westside story the two main charters are Tony and Maria.Remo and Juilet want to be together but ther families are fighting.Tony and Maria want to be together but the sharks and the jets are fighting.Maria is antanos brother and he is with the sharks Tony is with the jets. The third way they are the same is all the fighting that is goning on.The sharks and the jets are fighting.Also the mantooges and the caplets are fighting.The jets want the sharks off there turf because they are puricans and they dont like puricans.The mantoogues and hte caplets are fighting because the two families dont like each other. The first wat they are differnt is the borth place Remo and Juilet and the sharks and the jets.Remo and Juilet took place in Italy.The sharks where born in puardo rico.The jets where in new york.Remo and Juilet and the sharks and the jets where all born in differnt places. The second way ther are differnt is the setting where Remo and Juilet and westside story took place.Remo and Juilet took place in Italy.Westside stroy took place in New York.REMo and Juilet mainly took place in the garden by juilets window.Westside story mainly took place at some tennis courts. Third way they are differnt is that Juilet died maria didnt die.Juilet died because she saw that remo drank some poisn and killed himself so juilet didnt want to be alone so sh drank the poisn and killed herself.Maria wasnt as dumb as juilet when tony got shoot she didnt kill herself she cryed alot.The reason she didnt die was that the buillet missed herv and got tony.Thats how juilet died and maria didnt. In conclusion there are three contrasts that i picked I thought was mainly about the two storys.Maria didnt die,the borth place,and the setting.Also this is why I picked these three comparsions that I thought was manily about the two storys,the groups that they where in,the two main charterfall in love,and all the fighting.This is how they are the same and this ids how they are differnt.

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How and Where to Publish Your Short Stories

How and Where to Publish Your Short Stories How and Where to Publish Your Short Stories How and Where to Publish Your Short Stories By Ali Hale One reader asks: â€Å"What advice would you give to someone who has bags of passion and loves life and just happens to have lots of stories and would like to know how to publish or where to publish?† I’m really glad this reader writes from the heart. A short story which is meaningful to you, which celebrates life and which is written with real spirit is much more likely to meet with success than a technically good story without meaning for the author. If you’ve got a stack of short pieces that you’ve written for your own enjoyment and that of friends, consider sharing them with a wider audience. There are dozens of ways to do this, from entering writing competitions to submitting work to magazines to self-publishing, and I’ll discuss a few below. Questions to ask before trying to publishing your story Is your work a complete piece? Even when you’re writing from real life experience (as the reader who asked the question above was), your story needs to be well-shaped, with a beginning, middle and end. There also needs to be some conflict – whether between two characters, or just in a character’s own mind – at the start of the story which is then resolved by the time the story concludes. Without this, your work will read as an anecdote – interesting, perhaps, but not suitable for publication as a story. What genre does the story fit into? Whether you’re aiming for publication in a magazine or journal, or whether you’re planning to self-publish your work, you need to have a clear idea what genre the story is. If you’ve written a science fiction piece, you’ll have little luck submitting it to a magazine of Westerns. And your sweet story about your cat is unlikely to please the readers of â€Å"Tales of the Undead†, however well-written it is. Where to Publish Your Work Either you need to find someone else – probably a magazine editor – who likes your story and wants to publish it, or you need to self-publish. You will probably reach a wider audience with the former method, and you may receive some welcome remuneration, but the latter option gives you total control over when and where your work appears. Publications which accept short stories There are hundreds of magazines, e-zines and websites where short stories are published, and some pay professional rates. One good place to start is the magazine shelves of your local newsagents. Are there any publications devoted to fiction? For example, the UK has many magazines aimed at women such as â€Å"Take a Break†, â€Å"Woman’s Weekly† and â€Å"My Weekly† which publish a couple of short stories each week – and bring out a monthly collection of twenty or so stories. If your writing fits into this genre – commercial in style, with a sympathetic main character (usually a woman) and a positive ending – then they are definitely worth considering. Ive found the blog Womens stories: read, write, enjoy! invaluable for advice on this genre. If you write science fiction, fantasy, horror or literary fiction, you’re unlikely to find magazines devoted to these on the shelves. Try searching online for small magazines which people subscribe to by mail-order: you may be able to order a back issue cheaply or free. Or look for e-zines which you can submit work to online. Self-publishing your stories You can publish your work for free on a website. One easy way is to set up a blog (try www.blogger.com) and post a new short story every week. There are lots of easy ways to create a full website too – try Google Page Creator (Link no longer active). You don’t need to be very â€Å"technical† and you certainly don’t need to be able to programme or understand terms like â€Å"HTML† and â€Å"FTP†. If you are fairly web-savvy, though, you might choose to pay for a domain name and professional web hosting. I’d recommend this if you’re serious about your writing as it means you can use your site as a professional-looking showcase for your work. The other option is to publish printed versions of your stories, to circulate around friends and family – and perhaps more widely. Traditional self-publishing in this way involved paying thousands of pounds for several hundred or thousand copies of your book: new â€Å"print-on-demand† technology, though, means that it’s cost-effective to print just a few copies of your book. A volume of your best short stories could make a lovely present – far more interesting and memorable than a box of chocolates. I recommend Lulu, which I used to print a single copy of my first novel manuscript. It cost me  £7 (about $14) for the whole book, including the postage: I’d have spent just as much on paper and ink if I’d printed it at home, and the result was a high-quality glossy-covered paperback. Lulu’s site is simple to use, and takes you step-by-step through the process of uploading your work and choosing the format of your book. Need to know more? I’ve only touched on some of the issues about publishing short stories, so if there’s something you’d like to know more about, or anything I’ve not covered, please leave a comment here – or use the feedback form on the Contact page – and I will happily address it in a future article. And look out for upcoming articles covering revising your writing, formatting your manuscript correctly, markets for your work, entering short story competitions and more†¦ Want to improve your English in five minutes a day? Get a subscription and start receiving our writing tips and exercises daily! Keep learning! Browse the Fiction Writing category, check our popular posts, or choose a related post below:How to Punctuate References to Dates and TimesAmong vs. AmongstWriting Styles (with Examples)

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Effects of sexual media essays

Effects of sexual media essays In order to analyze the effects the sexual media has on an individual, one must understand social cognitive theory, cultivation theory, and priming theory. These theories provide those who attempt to study the sexual media, the tools needed to uncover the ways in which the sexual media affects our behavior, beliefs, attitudes and emotions. In looking at these theories, one must consider the type of effect the theory is concerned with, the process that leads to these effects, and the features of the sexual media that enhances these effects. The social cognitive theory, which stems from the observational learning theory, is concerned with explaining behavior. More specifically, in terms of the sexual media, this theory outlines the steps by which an individual models their own behavior after the sexual media they are exposed to. For example, the number of sexual partners and individual chooses to have, the age at which they decide to have sex, or whether or not one chooses to practice safe sex are all behaviors that could possibly be learned or altered through sexual media exposure. There are four steps in the observational learning-attention, retention, production, and motivation. If one is able to carry out all four steps this will lead to matching the behavior exhibited in the sexual media. The social cognitive view on observational learning, "is more concerned with the process involved in the representational guidance of action than with the particular medium by which response information is conveyed. The theory seeks to explain how or why the cognitive processes in our mind take representations of behavior in the sexual media and convert them into behavior. Learning occurs when an individual is exposed to modeled events before any responses have been preformed and does not necessarily require intrinsic reward. Not all behavior that an individual is exposed to is necessarily modeled. The specific behavior m...

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The Microsoft Case Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 4

The Microsoft Case - Essay Example Additionally, it will be convincingly argued that Microsoft was indeed not a monopoly at the time of the investigation. Some key points that characterize a pure monopoly are the following: 1) only one firm in the market 2) significant barriers to entry exist 3) lack of substitute goods 4) firm is a price-maker. When one examines Microsoft of the late 1990’s, it becomes clear that although the company had a large share of the operating systems market captured, they were still far from being what could be literally considered a monopoly (Khan, 2004). Based on the previous metrics listed, Microsoft falls short on every single determinant. Additionally, although Microsoft offered a host of products that could tangentially be seen as working to squeeze out competition, they still did not maintain any measurable means of creating barriers to entry for firms wishing to take market share from their products. In fact, the major concern among many regulators was the fact that Microsoft improperly bundled many services that were also offered by competitors. As such, these suggestions were not against anti-trust laws but merely an aggressive form of business outreach and marketing to get consumers accosted to the products of the firm before they would become accustomed to the products of anothe r firm. Furthermore, the market demand for operating systems would have been marked by a downward sloping demand curve if indeed Microsoft had a monopoly power in the market. However, the opposite of this has indeed been proven to be the case. Doubtless, Microsoft as a firm was making massive amounts of profit during these and proceeding years. However, Microsoft could be viewed as enriching itself primarily from the correct application of economies of scale as opposed to having a death’s clasp on the market in a monopolistic way. Furthermore, operating systems are an exceedingly

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Americans Delay Retirement Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Americans Delay Retirement - Essay Example Most of the senior employees were of the opinion that they will sell their houses so that they can get the decent amount in order to manage their life style after retirement. However because of the economic crises the prices of real estate went down which badly affect the projected savings of aging American workforce. Youth of America is going to face serious crash in the job market since there will be very few jobs for thousands of graduates. The economic bubble seems to burst now. Research conducted by the investment company also suggests that senior employees are working longer so that they can recover some of their wealth which was lost at the hands stock market speculations. Besides the economic reason behind the delay of retirement there are some social problems as well. Most of the people think that the benefits which they are getting during the service will no longer be available after retirement. Therefore senior employees are trying their level best in order to get maximum benefits possible. Scarce health benefits are also one of the major concerns behind the delay of retirement by the senior employees of the workforce (Levtez). The dot –com crash also suggested that employees should delay the retirement plans so that they earn and save the lost wealth. Most of the financial experts are of the opinion that lax lending and legislations for dragging down the prices of real estate is also responsible for improper economic scenario. Bush administration is also considered as a responsible government behind the deteriorating picture of the economy. The situation is enforcing the workforce to search for other part time jobs as well. For example some nurses sell flowers to earn a decent part time income (Hogler, and Hunt). In order to improve the situation economists should try to bring forward such programs in which workforce should be rewarded for their competency. Public private

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Comic Strip Lesson Plan Essay Example for Free

Comic Strip Lesson Plan Essay In this lesson the students will discuss memories in front of the class that they enjoy remembering; along with their speech they will present their interpretation of the memory through art. It will also help with their public speaking skills. Objectives: * I want the students to learn how to give a short presentation in front of the classroom. Materials and Technologies (Teacher and student): Teacher notes for lessons. Students will need comic strip sheets, color pencils, crayons, and markers. Preparation of the room: I will put the needed comic strip paper on each students desk. If the students have any of their own crayon, color pencils, or markers they will have them on their desk. All of the classroom crayon, color pencils, or markers on a small table in front center of the classroom, along with extra comic strip paper. Artist (s): Roy Lichtenstein; comic strip type art Maya Lin; demonstration of longstanding memories in art work. Artmaking medium: color pencils, crayons, and markers. (Not all must be used on project if not desired by student.) Instruction (Activities and Procedures): Be very specific!!! Opening: â€Å" Today we will be discussing memories that are special to each of us. We will also be presenting our memories to the class through a short speech, and a comic strip drawing.† Attention Grabber (Anticipatory set): For an attention grabber I as the teacher would present my own comic strip, and present a fond memory of my own. This memory would be one that is possibly embarrassing or funny so I could loosen the class up about presenting their own memories. Tap into prior knowledge: I can ask if any of them have ever had to speak in front of a crowd. How did they feel? Did they enjoy? Or if they didn’t, why? Introduction of artist: For Roy Lichtenstein I will tell about his part in Pop Art. I will show them â€Å"Masterpiece† It shows how the comic strips were drawn, and they should resemble there own. I will also show Maya Lin, and her Vietnam Memorial. This shows how the memory of someone or an event is not forgotten if there is art to remember it with. Art making activity: The student will have a 4-6 panels strips of paper. On the strip they will draw there recollection of a particular memory. They will do this with color pencils, crayons, and markers. If less or more panels are needed the adductions will be made. Closure: We will end the lesson with each student presenting their comic with a short presentation. Interdisciplinary connections: This lesson will connect with writing/spelling, because the student will have to have some dialogue/description on the comic. It will also connect with reading, because they will have to read the comic in front of the class as part of their presentation. Accommodating individual differences: To meet the needs of all students, I will make sure that all needed materials are readily available and easily assessable. Feedback: How and what manner will you provide feedback to students. I will give feedback on a comment sheet. On this sheet I will give marks for the students spelling on comic strip, the presentation, and on the drawing themselves.